The world is quiet here
-I like stuff, I post stuff I like.
-I'd describe myself but i always sound like an asshole when i do
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Chaos in Ferguson. Sunday night, part 4

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3

Reminder that:

- no, this isn’t over;
- no, these aren’t from earlier in the week;
- no, everything isn’t alright now;
- no, the police haven’t stopped brutalizing peaceful protesters;
- no, police haven’t intervened to stop the looting;
- no, police haven’t responded to emergency 911 calls for people injured by rubber bullets or children hit by cars;
- no, michael brown’s shooter still has not faced any consequences for murdering an unarmed teenager 9 days ago

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do you ever just sigh because someone who you love lives so far away from you 

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- “I just don’t get it.”
- “You don’t get what?”
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me: *opens the fridge*

me: tiempo de vals tiempo para soñar~

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Jesse Williams is another Black Celebrity who is awake and conscious.

"I see it time and time again, and it doesn’t move the story forward. It just kind of cryogenically freezes us in this old racial paradigm." - Jesse Williams

Jesse and John been going IN.

God bless them

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can the united states just chill for one day

Can white people chill for just one day.

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